The SPERM Report
Complete OLAP browser for Analysis server created with Reporting Services 2008 featuring "Spermline" visualization

This is the start of what I hope is a group of "Reporting Services on Analysis Services" enthusiasts to enhance this set of reports to add more and more OLAP browsing functionality...

Essentially with these four reports you can create 400 user reports (actually as many as you like) Change what is displayed on rows, columns, filter or time by simply creating a new "linked report" and setting a new set of paramaters.

Even better, while running "The SPERM Report", you can save a new report as a favourite in Internet Explorer.

This is the code featured at Teched Australia 2009 "Extreme Reporting Services 2008 and the SPERM report"

Note: you will have to change the name of the cube in the MDX (unfortunately we don't have a "StringToCube" function yet...

Grant Paisley
SQL Server MVP
Angry Koala

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